7 Roadside Snacks That Nigerians Love To Eat

You are never truly a Nigerian unless you have had a roadside snack at least three or more times in your life.
In Nigeria roadside snacks are not exactly your ultimate “must have meal” but they are worth sampling. Whether you like your meals taken in your home or Restaurants you can never escape the street vendors around the cities, estates and villages.

Bellow are the most popular roadside snacks that Nigerians cannot go without.

1. Roasted Corn
This is one and most popular roadside snacks in Nigeria and almost eaten by all the Nigerian Tribs. When I was in the first year and was still on fad diets, this was my go-to meal. In Nigeria, Corn is called “masara” in Hausa, “agbado” in Youruba and “ọka” in Igbo Language. You may think that green corn roasted over a charcoal burner isn’t worth having until you taste the one that was added a little pepper over the cob. You can choose to have yours spicy or simply salty. This snack is literally everywhere and is cheap too and its normally taking together with African Pear or Coconut and in the Eastern part of Nigeria with Palm Karnel.roast-african-pear-and-corn-roadside snacks-bongogist

2. Chips/Fries
Chips also known as fries but now from a street vendor. There is such a difference between the fries from a restaurant and one that is fried from a fireplace outside, either in your estate or from a hood nearby. If you are lucky it will be served with a vegetable salad, tomato sauce, pepper sauce or just as plain fries. These fries can be of different types such is “Akara, Fried Yam, Fried Plantain, Fried Potatoe. No matter the way it comes from, its a must taste and one of the most consumed snacks in Nigeria most especially Students.Chips-Fries-roadside snacks-Bongogist

3. Suya

Suya is a spicy shish kebab (skewered meat) which is a popular roadside snacks in Nigeria. It is traditionally prepared by the Hausa people. It is usually prepared using beef fillets, Chicken or Ram. Although it is not an easy snack to get everywhere especially in the remote areas of Nigeria. But notwithstanding, Nigerians still enjoy their meat on the roadside. For some reason, Suya is usually found in the evenings and mostly near bars.suya-snacks-roadside snacks

4. Tigernuts
Tiger nut, which is popularly known as earth almond and botanically known as Cyperus esculentus is also one of the roadside snacks greatly consumed by Nigerians. I bet you must like it as it is reached in Milk and nutritious. Tiger nuts are known by other names such as nut grass, aki awusa, yellow nutsedge, Zulu nuts, aku Hausa, chew­fa, chufa, Akiausa, tiger nut sedge, aya, chufa sedge, Ayaya or Ofio. Earth almonds are distinguished by their fleshy nature and are usually consumed raw but can also be dried, fried, roasted, toasted or soaked before consumption.tigernut-roadside snacks-Bongogist

6. Puff-Puff
Puff-puff is often used as a typical roadside snack and when in smaller sizes, is a perfect fit for the small chops and used in Nigerian occasions. This is prepared by spicing up your batter especially with diced fresh pepper and then deep-frying in vegetable oil. These days, the snack is made with a little more sophistication, thus we have such delicacies as the puff-puff suzette. Though in slight variations, this snack is also seen in some other parts of Africa.Puff-Puff-bongogist

7. Plantain chips
plantain chips are one of the popular light snacks in Nigeria. Indeed there are a variety of things to do with plantains, ripe or unripe. As snacks, they are made as chips, roasted/fried plantains, plantain pancakes, plantain pies or battered plantains. Whatever your choice or invention, plantain chips could be one of the oldest Nigerian roadside snacks ever.plantain-chips

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