Top Six Signs that You are Consuming Excess Sugar

Excess sugar in the body can result in damaging consequences. How much sugar is too much for your body? According to Jumia Travel, you will discover six ways your body might be telling you your sugar intake is becoming excessive.

Excess Sugar

1. Higher Incidence of Acne on Your Skin

Eating Excess sugar tends to wreak havoc on your skin. There is a relationship between a high-sugar diet and severe acne and Excess sugar intake tend to result in severe acne issues.

2. Experiencing Energy Slumps

Especially after eating sugary foods lacking in satiating proteins, fibre and fat, you are likely to develop a pounding headache or feel extremely lethargic. This is because of an Excess sugar diet, rather than a balanced nutritious diet, makes your blood sugar level unstable, with you constantly switching from ‘sugary high’ to ‘lethargic low’. You end up feeling very weak and sluggish throughout the day.

3. Cavities

Cavities are more often than not, a glaring sign of a sweet tooth. Cavities are painful and more importantly avoidable, and the key to avoiding them is to brush your teeth well after meals and eat foods that will keep your teeth healthy.

4. High Blood Pressure

One of the factors that contribute to a diagnosis of high blood pressure is an Excess sugar diet. A high-sugar diet can push your blood pressure off the normal threshold. Limiting sugar intake is just as important as reducing your sodium consumption when it comes to a healthy blood pressure.

5. Exercising is Getting Extremely Hard for You

Whether fat, chubby or even thin, if exercise seems to be getting harder and harder for you to do, an Excess sugar diet might be to blame. If you have a high blood sugar level and engage in activities that involve intense effort or physical extension, you’ll likely end up feeling very fatigued and quite miserable. You also tend to get exhausted very easily and quickly while exercising.

6. Excess sugar – Weight Gain

Weight gain can be caused by a number of different factors and one of those factors is a high sugar diet. This is because an excess sugar diet does not make you feel full (which makes you eat more) and does not compensate for total energy, that is, they do not displace other foods, so they add to your total calorie intake. A high sugar diet also tends to make exercise or physical activity hard, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to burn off the excess calories through that route.

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