Erotic Story: S*x with the Sedxctive Witch – Man Shares Explicit Encounter in a Windy Night

I inserted a rough finger into her hot chasm and she arched her back in ecstasy. With much expertise I move my mouth over to her vulgar and perpendicularly licked her cl*toris with my tongue…

“And it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them,the supernatural beings saw how beautiful these women were and the took them wives the ones they chose…… In those days, giant lived on the earth and also afterward, when the supernatural beings and women had sexual relations and gave birth to children. They became mighty men which were heroes and famous.” – Genesis

It was twilight as nature pinned the sky with stars, I just finished eating dinner and was planning to have a well deserved rest.

I dazzled to my room feeling all weak in my limbs and ‘Bam’ I landed heavily on my bed.

It was a cold night and I had this intuition of a satisfying night… Shortly I felt a shady light over my window. I curiously strayed from my bed and the silhouette appeared brighter, then an image took shape in the dark of a human on a flying broomstick.

I thought I was dreaming….Alas the image popped into my room and behold a witch!

She pulled up her black vile and a beautiful face surfaced, she smiled at me while I was caught aback. I was frozen with fright but I courageously manned up!

‘Who are you and what do you want?’ I managed to speak with a squeaking voice

‘I was flying by and I decided to pay you mortals a visit’ she replied confidently

She gave me a long stare, strolled towards me seductively and I began noticing her various amorous curves. Before I could retreat she stroke my cheeks with her fingers and gave me a light kiss.

She moved to the other end of my bed and pulled off her dark gown. Her underwear was black and her fair spotless skin aglow. She lay under my blanket on my bed and quipped me join.

I was frantic and it was obvious as I laid down on my stomach and she straddled my back and began to massage. She rubbed her hands over my shoulders, down my spine. She repeated the motion and then the third time she laid herself on me and kissed my neck.

I rolled over underneath her and pitched her over onto her back, effortlessly moving to the dominant position. Gazed at my body, she was pondering how well built I was in my pyjamas. Her body was seductive and I was already feeling the hardness of my groin.

‘Isn’t this strange?’ I thought.

This was probably going to be my death but I was nonchalant and couldn’t wait to experience the outcome.

I undressed and was completely n*ked as she loosened her bra and I watched as her well shaped boobs popped out. I gently grabbed and massaged it with careful touch she moaned slightly, I began kissing her mouth passionately still holding firm to her breast, kissed and caressed, rubbed and moaned.

She nibbled my earlobe while I fingered her where she was wet and swollen. Gasps and little groans of glee filled the room and mingled with the music of the night just outside the window. I kissed her neck, bit her arm, tongued her nipple, and licked her clit.

I inserted a rough finger into her hot chasm and she arched her back in ecstasy. With much expertise I move my mouth over to her vulgar and perpendicularly licked her cl*toris with my tongue, I felt juice in my mouth as I sucked and suctioned air into her….she moaned deeper shaking her head vehemently and holding tight the blanket,still in control I removed my mouth and I licked her all up to her mouth.

She grabbed my swollen and hard c*ck and moved her hand around it up and down. With the tips of her fingers she teased the flesh around my c*ck.

Finally her mouth found it’s way down, she kissed it gently and began to stroke it with hands. She toyed with it using her saliva, her lips, her tongue. She licked from the bottom of my balls to the tip of my penis and then swallowed the head as i let out a gasp of pleasure.

She took my shaft in her hand and pumped, gently at first and then harder and stronger. She let my joystick move in and out of her mouth and then sucked as she pulled on the soft flesh. I was pre cumming as my groin was fully erect with visible large veins, my blood pumped faster as adrenalin was realised, I felt chilly and she went back to her favorite position lying flat on the bed, lingering at her breasts and then kissing her mouth.

I thrust the fullness of my manhood into her already flaming v*gina.My movements were quick and fast and then long and deep. She held to me as i went on and on and on, I pumped harder and harder and she moaned deeper and deeper.

She moaned words that sounded like incantation but damn I didn’t care. Winds blew more fiercely as she became wild with pleasure.

I was really deeper and getting faster… I was about to cum I felt muscle flexing within my thighs the pleasure was at the apex, she knew I was about to cum, I was about ejaculating so I tried to pull out but she locked her legs behind my back and I poured into her dripping p*ssy.

She already orgasm and she smile as I gave a heavy breathe. I fell flat on her and she hugged me close. I just had s*x with a witch but I evaded the thought and just wanted to enjoy the moment while it last….

‘Wake up! You lazy boy’ She said, tapping my leg

I strained a glance and it was my mother.

‘Won’t you go to work? You are running late’ She said

I stretched on my bed as she headed out of my room,I felt my boxers wet, I quickly got up only to see my semen over my bed…..

Damn! ‘Flashback filled my thoughts’

I sat on the edge of my bed and smiled relishing the memoir

‘It was a nightmare but a beauty nightmare, s*x with a witch’ I grinned and nodded with satisfaction.

Credits: Hot Pulse.

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