OMG.! Use Of Bible Applications is a Sin – Ghanaian Pastor

Sometimes I think it’s either the gullibility of people which spur such misguided utterances from these supposed men of God or the pastors themselves are walloping in stark ignorance. An associate pastor of the Blessing Gate Chapel International in Sunyani, Pastor Boniface Boadi, has condemned the use of bible applications among contemporary Christians.Use Of Bible Apps

According to him, the reason “many so called Christians” opted for software bibles was because they were into sin and worldliness, making them afraid to use the physical bible which contained the Spirit and Power of God.

At a Good Friday service, Pastor Boadi noted that the use of the software copies of the bible only distracted attention during service.

“The original Bible is the recommendable Bible for every believer as it stands for the cross, and contains the power and anointing of Jesus Christ.”

Like seriously? Does this pastor know that the original word of God was recorded on papyrus before it underwent various transformations, consistent with modern era? Were the Ten Commandments not recorded on a stone? I mean if Genesis Chapter 1 on a traditional bible says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth and my bible app says the same thing, what is the big deal about that?

If the bible app is worldly and sinful as he suggests, then he may as well stop using the microphone, the cars and other modern inventions. This my opinion!

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